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How to Prevent Skin Damage

Millions of people, regardless of ethnicity or race, are all exposed to the dangers of damaged skin. Each year, people are diagnosed with skin problems such as cancer, sun burns, rashes, and acne among others. Most of these serious issues can be easily prevented. Healthy skin is as a result of consistently practicing good skin care habits to prevent and treat skin damage. Here are a few tips to preventing skin damage. You can also check out the skin facts site for more info.

Top 5 Tips to Skin Protection

It is important to keep your asking healthy as it plays a vital role in the overall health of your body. Skin care need not be a complicated and time consuming affair. With these simple tips, you will soon have it become your second nature.

Limit Exposure to Sun

One can never overemphasize the importance of limiting your exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays. This is because these rays are the main cause of skin cancer, sun burns, discolorations, wrinkles, age spots, benign growths and sometimes freckles.

It is advisable to avoid the sun to prevent cancer and other severe conditions associated with overexposure to UV rays. However, if you have to be in the sun, for whatever reason, it is advisable to use sunscreen (which protects against the damaging effects of the rays).

It is also important to note that tanning beds are just as harmful as direct UV sunrays.

Proper Hydration

Keeping the skin moist is an essential part of achieving healthy skin. Proper hydration prevents scaly chapped skin as well as help in retaining pliability. Staying hydrated is one of the most effective remedies of acne. You can make good use of the acne helpline if yours is proving too stubborn.

Hydration is achieved in 2 ways; drink the recommended amounts of water daily and use the right moisturizing creams for your skin type. Avoid skin care products that contain lauryl sulfate as it strips the skin off its natural oils.

It is also advisable to limit the skin’s exposure to water. Take about 2 showers a day and limit the time to about 10 minutes to reduce the amount of time your skin is exposed to water as it causes drying out.

Proper Health Precaution

You have probably heard this skin safety advice before; avoid sharing stuff like lip balms, toothbrushes sharp objects and drinks. Lower your chances of exposure to germs and viral infections (which cause cold sores) by sanitizing your personal effects and never sharing them with others. It is also important to clean your make up brushes and sponges to avoid accumulation of germs. If you have any pimples or rashes on the skin, it is advisable to keep the affected areas clean and avoid touching these areas with dirty hands.

Please note that sleeping with your make up on can cause skin damage. To avoid this, be sure to clean up before bed. Come up with a skin care routine that involves exfoliating at least once in a week (too much of this can cause irritation). Be sure to keep changing your make up (at least once a year) and avoid using expired products. Always read about the ingredients of the skin care products you want to use and avoid those whose active ingredients are known to cause skin irritation.

Use Gentle Skin Care Products

It is important to clean your face to get rid of all germs, dirt, dead cells, and oils. However, you need to be gentle to the kin; scrubbing it will only cause you irritation leading to chapping. Chapped skin is vulnerable to varying infections.

Remember to use mild skin care products when cleaning up, especially the face. Use mild soap, cleanser, moisturizer, toner and good quality make up (if you must). Once you are done cleaning up, pat dry (don’t rub) your skin to avoid irritation.

Know Everything about Your Skin

Do you know your skin type? One of the reasons why many people have skin problems today is that they are using skin care products that are not suited to their skin type. These products then cause skin inflammation, irritations and such issues. Before buying any skin care products, it is important to have your skin tested.

Pay attention to your skin. Have you noted any rashes, cuts, moles, pimples, scaly patches etc.?  If you have, keep an eye for them and avoid further irritation. It is also important to be acquainted with the different types of skin cancers and how to detect them from the onset. If you are struggling with frequent acne, serious irritation, dry skin and such serious irritants, it is time to contact a dermatologist.

Parting Shot

If your skin is already showing signs of damage, do not worry most of it is treatable. All you need to do is adopt an effective skin care routine. You may want to work with a dermatologist so that you can pick out the skin care products that best suit your skin type.

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